Sunday, June 18, 2006

Inbox Dollars - 5 dollars instantly

Get 5 dollars instantly just by signing up for this website! Refer a friend, and you get 5 dollars as well! I'm sure they want 5 dollars. There's also a bunch of surveys you can take, and they pay up to 2.00 dollars. You also get daily emails, and you get paid a view cents to read them. You don't actually have to read them, alll you need to do is click a link, that counts as a read. Check it out.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pixel Space!

As many people know, Alex Tew made a famous website , he charged businesses and websites to advertise on their site. Scripters quickly developed a script to replicate the type of site and is now being sold for +100 dollars. But why pay?! You can get this script for free! You may think that this idea is now old and won't get you any money. Well surely people won't pay you the same money they paid Alex, but you can get pocket cash. Not only that, but try to add spice to it, make it unique, and target a specific crowd. Some people target myspace users, others bands, some even target real state agencies.

Summary: Download this script, install it without effort, and make extra cash. The only thing you need your brain for is to make it a bit unique, and target a specific audience.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Get Paid To Post

Today I found this website, you get paid to post. You get paid .3 per post, and you get .15 cents when you refer someone to the site. When you reach 15$ you get paid. It's quite simple, and doesn't require much effort since you can leave once you reach 15$, but you can also continue posting and get unlimited amounts of money. Did I mention the people there are interesting? Just because they're paid to post, it doesn't mean that they aren't interesting, and smart. See for yourself...

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